This is another of my current favourite diffuser blends featuring Siberian Fir - I call this one ‘Change of Season Wellness Blend’ 🍃🍂

The weather in Melbourne is sooo erratic, I’m still getting used to checking my weather app multiple times a day to ensure where all dressed accordingly. And now that we’re in Autumn, you’d think it’d be consistently cooler? No, we’ve gone from 40 degrees to 20 degrees back to 30 degrees in the last few weeks. ☔️❄️☀️

I always find that crazy change in temperatures often bring on cold and flu symptoms so I’ve been diffusing this blend quite regularly. Easy Air and On Guard are two go-to oils for protecting against seasonal threats and boosting overall wellness but Siberian Fir also has similar properties.

I’ve been loving the combination of Siberian Fir and Easy Air and then adding a drop of On Guard for good measure. It’s what I imagine the smell of clear crisp mountain air during the festive season would be like.