I recently offered words of solidarity and understanding to a relative who has a tiny baby and a two year old who’s been feeling the typical whirlwind of toddler emotions.

I’ve been there - and it’s tough. All of a sudden, while your navigating your 4th trimester with your second bub; your gorgeous little first born goes feral and you begin to question everything. While I found having a newborn the second time around was so much easier than the first time, the most difficult part of having a second baby is just how much your first child changes - particularly of they've just turned two.

It was around this time that I was introduced to doTERRA and it’s was honestly a godsend - I connected with a number of other mums in similar positions and was able to get some tips and tricks on how to cope with the wild toddler emotions.

Balance and Wild Orange was one diffuser blend that came highly recommended for toddlers and on so many occasions it help calm the farm - both for me and Farley. I would usually diffuse it in the mornings - particularly on days that we had a planned activity like playgroup and I found that getting dressed and organised and into the car to be a much more calmer experience for all involved.

Sometimes I would just take a few deep breaths of Balance straight from the bottle in times of crisis!

Definitely two oils I would recommend to mums of toddlers.