I’ve always been a night owl; I find it so hard to shut off my brain once I get into bed.

When I was a kid I would hide a torch under my pillow and stay up all night reading in bed by torch light.

During high school, I’d stay up late and put maximum effort into my assignments - I was a total nerd.

During uni, I would stay up even later, after getting home from my part time evening work to make sure all my assignments were on track and handed in on time. - Again - total nerd.

Once I entered the workforce, I found myself in a position with a pretty high work load (and very little monetary compensation ) and would again stay up til all hours of the night just to catch up on the days work. (I learn some very valuable life lessons the hard way with that job - but a story for another day)

Even when I was self employed, creating wedding videos, I did a lot of my work at night, even though I had the days completely free, just because I was so used to focusing and being productive at nights.

Becoming a mum has changed all this in may ways - I’ve learnt that you can’t wear yourself out too much when it comes to parenting a baby. In fact, when I had Farley, I figured I could still juggle my videography work with a baby - I’d just do all the work at night when she was asleep. But I was blessed with a baby who refused to sleep independently - again, another story for another day)

Now I value sleep a lot more highly than I used to but realistically as a mum who is at home with kids 90% of the time, if I do want to work from home, it’s got to be at nights. (thankfully both girls now do sleep independently)

I try to not do consecutive late nights on the computer in a row - just a few a week. But on the nights I do decided to stay up late and edit a video or create some content, I’ve been diffusing either of these two blends:



Citrus Bliss

It honestly makes such a different - productivity is at 100% and procrastination is at 0%. I feel awake and inspired and focused. Without the diffuser going I'd find myself scrolling social media or a news site or researching our next (make believe) overseas family holiday.

doTERRA do have a number of their own proprietary blends to support those times when you've just got to get sh*t done; like Motivate, InTune or Thinker (from the kids range) but I just love the aroma and effects of these two blends.

Let me know if you think essential oils could support your productivities and ability to focus - I’d love to point you in the right direction.