DIY reed diffusers are a great way to Diffuser your essential oils in smaller rooms without having to use an ultrasonic diffuser. 

I made up these three for our laundry, toilet and bathroom. 

Plus it’s a great way to reuse your empty essential oil bottles. 

I scanned through Pinterest looking for a recipe but there were honestly so many variations. I just went with the following: 

1/2 full of fractionated coconut oil 
1/2 full of Vodka 
20 drops of doTERRA’s Purify - The Refreshing Blend 
10 drops of doTERRA Lemongrass 
4 bamboo skewers in each. 

I choose these oils for their cleansing and odor neutralizing abilities and they both smell so fresh and clean. 

You can use any of your favourite aromas. It’s a great way to use the last drops that are always hard to get out. 

Do you have a DIY reed diffuser recipe? I’ll see how this concoction goes 😆