This is another brilliant low-tox baby product replacement. They are so easy to make, cheaper than most store bought wipes and super gentle on your little ones skin.

I’ve always been a cloth nappy enthusiasts but Farley often developed scary looking nappy rashes. It was hard to pint point exactly what caused the flare ups but by the time she was 12 months I converted to disposable nappies. However, for Hallie, I’ve gone back to cloth nappies and have also been using the handmade baby wipes and her nappy area as been rash free!


I combine about 400ml of cooled, boiled water with 2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil and 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil.
I sit a roll of paper towel in the mixture and let it absorb.
Once the paper towel has absorbed everything, I remove the cardboard role out of the middle - once it’s soggy it slides right out. 
I then pull out the end of the paper towel from the middle of the roll. 
And then squash it into this tall glass jar
(you can use any container that is convenient to you, I just found this one at the back of the cupboard, it was roughly the same size as a paper towel and it’s worked ever since)

Even if you don’t have babies - these wipes are heaven when you’ve got a cold and are continuously blowing and wiping your nose. Perfect with a bit of Eucalyptus Essential Oil)

Lavender and Tea Tree are very versatile and affordable oils. I now included them in my monthly Loyalty Rewards Program order which is a great way to purchase your oils and accumulate rewards points to redeem for further products. Let me know if you'd like more info!

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