One of the things I love most about doTERRA essential oils is the ability to use them to replace a lot of store bought cleaning products and move towards a low - tox home.

Minimizing our exposure to chemicals and toxins can feel like such huge task and it’s hard to know where to start. But once I was introduced to all the way you can utilise essential oils, I felt much more empowered to make a change. And it kind of makes cleaning fun! (and that a lot coming from me! )

This is the simple Surface Cleaner I created for our kitchen benches.

1 / 2 water
1 / 2 vinegar
10 x drops of Lemon essential oil
10 x drops of Lavender essential oil
10 x drops of Tea Tree essential oil

Alternatively - On Guard and Lemon are a great combo too

If you've ever thought about switch out some of the chemical laden products around your house with natural alternatives - I can let you know how to get your essentials oils in the most cost effective way

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