I've always been drawn to Cedarwood, it's just always jumped out to me. I actually received it as a free enrolment incentive product when I got started with my first order, so it kind of just came to me. It's warm, rich, woody smell reminds me of campfires and is very comforting. So when I discovered that Cedarwood is the Oil of Community, it was kind of spooky just how appropriate it was to my emotional needs.

Emotionally, Cedarwood helps to promote a sense of connectedness, feelings of belonging and feeling of social bonds. This has been all very relevant since moving from Brisbane to Sydney. We left behind our friends, family and social network - our community - in Brisbane. I've been really conscious about establishing friendships and social bonds within our Sydney community. It's been a very enlightening experience and is kind of fascinating how Cedarwood ties into it all.

This is one of my favourite blends to diffuse during the day:

  • Balance: The Oil of Grounding

  • Cedarwood: The Oil of Community

  • Bergamot: The Oil of Self Acceptance

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