I’ve now gotten into the habit of turning the diffuser on as part of my morning routine. I find its a nice way to check in with myself and set my intentions for the day. Now that I have a growing collection of oils, I like to see which oils I intuitively gravitate towards. If you like a little bit of spirituality, each oil is considered to serve and support a different aspect of our emotion wellbeing, so it’s a fascinating way to tune into your own emotions. I’ve never really been that into things like tarot cards, crystals or astrology (yet 😆) but I do love investigating the connection between the oils and my emotional needs.

For example, this is a blend that I kind of selected at random based on what jumped out at me and what I know to smell appealing.

Grapefruit is the Oil of Honoring the Body and promotes respect for the body, meeting physical needs and body-acceptance.

Patchouli is the Oil of Physicality and incorporates the positive properties of confidence, body connection and acceptance.

Balance - the Grounding Blend is the oil of Grounding and is associated with the positive aspects of being connected and inner strength.

I must have been needing a bit of a boost in the ‘self love’ department.

A great resource for diving deep into the connection between emotions and essential oils is the book - Emotions and Essential Oils. It's truly fascinating stuff.

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