the mcguire family | video and photos

This little project was literally a year in the making. Tammy contacted me prior to the birth of her second bub, however, as it turned out, Lani was born only days before my Farley and anyone with a baby knows how quickly time can get away from you! So a week out from their first birthdays, we finally met and captured this small snapshot into the life of the McGuire Family; Mum, Dad, 2 beautiful girls and 3 dogs! 

It has been a while since doing any family videography, as I kept my workload this year very minimal, but spending the morning with this gorgeous little family definitely reignited my passion for it. How wonderful is it that the girls will have this video to look back on as they grow.  Check out the video below: 

I've also been enjoying building on my photography skills and was thrilled at how achievable it was to capture the same moments as still images as well. Here's a small selection below: