happy new year!

2015 has been an amazing year both personally and professionally. I'd like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful couples who trusted me to capture their wedding day. I know I say it a lot but it truly is an honour and I'm so grateful that I get to call this work. I'd also like say how grateful I am to have met and worked with so many amazing vendors and creative folk throughout the year. I've made so many new business connections and friendships, it been awesome! 

On a more personal note, my biggest goal for 2015 was to start our little family. In fact, two years ago, I quit my full time job and worked towards building an income through self employment, so that when the time came, I could create the best work life balance as a wife and mother. The industry I worked in was all about tight deadlines and really wasn't flexible for your personal life. I knew it wasn't something I'd want to go back to after maternity leave. I was never the sort of girl that dreamt of being a stay at home mum; I've always been career driven but over the years I've learnt how valuable it is to be in control of your time and how valuable it is to be able to spend your time doing work that you are passionate about and that enriches your life and the lives of others. My priorities have definitely changed since falling in love and getting married. I now want to be the best mum and wife I can possibly be, while still having an outlet for my creativity and also still be able to contribute to our families income. So, before I get too deep, I'll wrap this one up with a current photo - me at 40 weeks pregnant! The journey of pregnancy is coming to an end but a whole other, even more epic, journey is about to start! Motherhood! 

Also, one of my new years resolutions is to take more photos of myself, not in the selfie kind of way, but just to make sure I have photos my kids can look back on.