family video | patrick & edwina

Here is another family video... this is my extended family! My gorgeous little nephew and niece, Patrick and Edwina. I fIrst made a video of Patrick when he was 5 months old. (Which you can watch below) Now he is 2 years old and has the most adorable baby sister.

With Claire, Matt, Patty and Edwina living in Melbourne, the first video was watched countless times by our Brisbane family and no doubt the new video will be just as cherished. It's amazing to see just how much Patrick as grown and become a wonderful big brother to Edwina. 

Congratulations Claire and Matt on your gorgeous little family!

From Aunty Laur-la. 

DECEMBER 2014 - PATRICK (2 years) & EDWINA (4 and a half months)

FEBRUARY 2013 - PATRICK (5 months)