our wedding video | michael & laura

I’m so excited to share with you the highlights video from my own wedding! 

This is what happens with you let the groom have creative control over the wedding videography. Good thing I married the comedic genius that is Michael Brain. 

Our relationship, and I guess the essence of every good marriage, has always been about believing in each other's crazy ideas, going along for the ride and helping each other turn those visions into a reality. This video is probably the most extreme example of this. 

The idea came to Michael a few months out from the wedding and I thought it was just too funny not to try. He set about working on a storyboard and I got started on wrangling friends and work colleagues to do the filming. A big thanks to Rich Wang and Aleisha Needham who happily took on the duties of filming, and for not thinking we were totally crazy. And also, how can we not thank our amazing bridal parties - David, Cooey, Brett, Claire, Naomi and Renee. Your extreme enthusiasm really makes the video what it is. 

It’s definitely a weird, although pretty hilarious, experience editing footage of yourself, from your own wedding. But we are so happy the video reflects just how much fun we had on the day.