I find writing about myself a little weird so here are some key facts and lots of my favourite photos!


I live in Brisbane but love to travel! I'll happily travel interstate or overseas for your wedding! Or any film project. Or any reason at all. I just love travelling!


I love all things creative but I've always loved film making - I was obsessed with it at high school, studied it at University and then worked for 7 years producing and coordinating television commercials. Which brings me to now, doing what I love most, everyday. 


I love being the wife of my amazing husband Braino. I even let him have creative control over our wedding video.

You can watch it here.


We have a gorgeous baby girl; Farley and I'm just loving my new role as a mum. 

I absolutely love being apart of weddings and creating films that capture the love of the happy couple. There is nothing more amazing than being welcomed into a family and not only sharing in their most amazing memories but being able to capture those memories and the same goes for families! I love making little films to help families record what their lives are like at a certain point in time. Time is precious and it goes by way too fast.

Check out some of my family films here! 


I'm also into anything creative, informative and interesting! From editorial style fashion videos, behind the scenes videos, promotional videos or documentaries. If you have an interesting story to tell, product to launch or business to promote; don't underestimate the power of film - and let me help you create something awesome!

Watch some of my past video projects here. 


You can find more about my work via my blog


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